It's My Story....It's My Life......

Born in Brockton, Massachusetts Xavier's family moved to a small town in Maine for a better life. Xavier grew up as a MORBIDLY obese child, Xavier struggled to lose the weight.  He Finished High school and moved to NYC to become an Actor at one of the best Acting Schools in america. 

​ Still struggling with his weight at 425lbs and the stress of a huge city environment Xavier couldn't take it anymore. After a Failed attempted in New York City Xavier E ,moved back to Maine and attended school At the University of Maine Orono, where he started to sing.  He began to sing the national anthem for colleges' sports events, high school games and other events.

​While in college Xavier chose a double major in Psychology and business with a concentration in marketing, but felt that something was missing his his life.  This is when Xavier focused on exercising and losing weight and dropped over 245lbs and dropped his body fat % to less than 10%.  After that year in college he moved to Atlanta, GA and there Xavier E was discovered by Atlanta Models, and Exclamation Models, two of the biggest commercial print agencies in the south and began to Model. He did Magazine Print ads, Club ads, TV Commercials, Run way fashion shows, then got signed with several Modeling agencies. This once "Ugly FAT" child was now doing what everyone told him he could never do.  "I was always told I was ugly and fat, growing and instead of encouragement I got made fun of, I wish they could see me now...oh wait they got to love social media." He stated.

 Xavier then moved back to NYC after he became a certified Personal trainer with I.S.S.A.  While in New york he started to record, his first single "Friends", which dominated Clear channel with over 100,000 plays.  Xavier Was then signed with one of the hottest independent labels for that time.  After a year he decided this Record Label just was not for him. He left the label, but was still the #1 selling artist who was deemed "Moikos' Prince of Pop".  Xavier produced a "Pop Goes Moiko" charity compilation CD for the American Cancer Society, which combined the talents of 13 independent Artist and 15 amazing songs. He toured for the American Cancer Society to Raise money with his charity CD.

Xavier E worked with NYC best dance producers Sweet Rains Productions.  In 2008 Xavier E was inducted into the Recording Academy(Grammy's) and was then giving voting rights for the Grammy's and is still the Number 1 selling Artist on Moiko Records, with his well produced, high energy pop sound and edginess. Everything was looking up, but then a family tragedy hit which would change his life forever.

Xavier's father had a stroke and was left helpless and bedridden.  Xavier had to make a difficult decision.  Follow his dream or help out with family.  It was not a difficult choice to make and Xavier took a break from music to care for his father for many years till he passed away. "This is something I will never regret doing", saids Xavier.  "Family is everything to me, I could always come back to music, but you only get one Dad and mom and well....THEY needed me." he said.

After dealing with the death of a loved one Xavier just launch a new single in 2014 "Sacrifice".  This is a very addictive catchy tune about making sacrifices.  He took this inspiration from his own experiences with his father stroke and the sacrifices he made.  This single has taken the clubs by storm and will be doing the same over the radio waves.  In the first 4 weeks, Xavier Club mix Sacrifice (Thunder Club Mix) Has already been on several DJ's top 10 club plays.

"Now I stand here all alone.  With lessons Learned, are harder, hard to follow.  Then I wake alone My dreams come in, I cant believe I lost my best friend.  And I swear I tried Sacrifice Conquer all those hurtful lies.  You reach inside my heart tonight.  Pulled out everything inside.  I wanted it for us will you sacrifice.  Mend these wounds and stop the lies will you hold on to this divide and listen to my plea tonight."-  Sacrifice